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Our Mission

Wonderfully Made Dance provides a safe and compassionate environment for both children and adults to experience the joy of the artist within them through classical ballet training. Every gesture, expression, and action speaks about the dancer and reveals more to us than we often credit.

It is our belief that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Wonderfully Made Dance was founded on a passion for ballet and the belief that everyone should have access to it and the freedom it gives us. Therefore Wonderfully Made Dance uses a donation based tuition model.

Our Core Values


We believe that our weakness and imperfections make us more relatable as people and artists, so we openly share them with others.


We believe in meeting others at their core needs (physical, spiritual, emotional, mental) by suspending judgment and empathizing with their perspectives and pain.


We believe in being deliberate with our words, actions and behaviors, knowing they have a profound impact on the world around us as well as ourselves.


We believe that a genuine desire to experience the benefits of dance earns you stage rights, so we welcome dancers of all abilities.


We believe that banding together with each other, the dance community and like-minded organizations enables us to overcome bigger challenges.

Safe Space

We believe in intentionally creating safe and welcoming environments to empower expression and care for others.


Why is Wonderfully Made Dance donation based? What does that even mean?

Wonderfully Made Dance was founded with the core belief that prohibitive costs should not be a barrier to quality ballet training. Our tuition model is donation-based, with a recommended tuition amount given but ultimately left up to the discretion of dancers’ families; our monthly recommendation is $45/mo.

What outcomes do my donations support?

Donations to Wonderfully Made Dance are used to maintain the studio space, compensate, and provide further training for staff, build and purchase equipment, recital venue fees, and make dancewear available on loan at no cost.

Why are donations paid to Mosaic Fort Worth?

Wonderfully Made Dance is part of Mosaic Fort Worth’s 501(c)(3) umbrella, and Mosaic generously provides our studio space. They keep our lights on!

How do tuition donations work?

We recommend a monthly tuition donation of $45 per month, but ultimately, we leave it to your discretion. We understand some families will be able to afford more, and some less. Please know that any contribution you are able to make is welcome.
The easiest and fastest way to make a donation is by using the PayPal link on the website. Recurring payments can be set up there if you so choose. Alternatively, you may make tuition donations by cash or check at the studio by placing them in the pink lock box on the coffee bar. Please make all checks payable to Mosaic Fort Worth with Wonderfully Made Dance listed in the memo line.

Progression and Placement Philosophy

Classical ballet involves tremendous amount of concentration and energy; therefore, it should be approached with great care and seriousness. Dancers and those supporting them must understand that proper technique takes time, practice, and a great deal of work; we work carefully to prepare our students for the next technique level while instilling confidence and a love of our art.

Good dancers do not develop overnight, or even in one or two years. There are several basic areas the student needs to control and master in his/her body, such as posture, precision, and alignment, among many other areas. The number of days per week for each level is established to help the student attain this control.

Please keep in mind that ballet is NOT like an academic subject:   

Ballet requires a great amount of repetition to develop the muscle memory to master individual positions.

As the student progresses, additional positions of increasing complexity and difficulty are added to the basic foundations.

Correct core placement of the body is critical to successfully execute more advanced movements.

Corrections and hands on help are necessary to learn and progress in ballet technique.

It is normal to spend more than one school year in any given technique level.

Points considered for student advancement to the next technique level:

Attendance – Does the student come to class consistently?

Effort – Is there evidence of effort in the application of the teacher’s corrections?

Attitude – Does the student have respect for the discipline of dance and a willingness to work in class?

Concentration – Does the student pay attention in class and listen attentively?

Improvement – Does the student demonstrate a developing proficiency in ballet technique and a vision of his/her artistic abilities?

Behavioral Expectations

  • Greet the room with hello when you arrive and goodbye when you leave.
  • Do not leave the studio without permission.
  • Please use the restroom, secure hair, etc, before entering the studio.
  • No student phones out on the 3rd floor.
  • No whispering to each other in class.
  • Provide constructive feedback only when asked by recipient.
  • Put forth your best effort with a positive attitude.
  • When you are frustrated, ask for help or clarification.
  • Be a good steward of studio property.
  • Take ownership of your behavior and choices.
  • Bring proper equipment to class.
  • Children in the waiting area must be supervised.
  • Maintain quiet in the waiting room.

Should a problem arise during class it will be dealt with in a three-step process:

  1. A warning will be given to identify the misbehavior and allow the student the chance to correct it.
  2. Students who do not respond to their warning will be asked to sit against the studio wall and take a small break until they are ready to dance again.
  3. Students that continue to misbehave and disregard the behavioral expectations after a warning and small break will be escorted out to their parents in the waiting area and will not be allowed to resume class for that day.

2019-2020 Schedule | September 30-May 14

Due to our director having a new baby we will have a delayed start this fall.

**As always, classes will need three students registered to make.**  

2022-2023 Schedule | August 29-May 25

**As always, classes will need three students registered to make.**  

Which Class Should I Choose?


Adult Classes

Our adult students are a mix of dancers returning to their art after years away and adults new to dance. With a supportive, positive and fun environment, students are encouraged to challenge themselves to try new things, push their limits and brave the unknown.

Wonderfully Made Dance offers two levels of Adult classes. Adult Beginner is the perfect starting place for students who are new to ballet. This class focuses on basic technique, balance, alignment, and foot articulation. For more extensive classwork we offer Adult Intermediate/Advanced. This class has longer, more complex combinations and a larger focus on center work.

Adult students are not subject to the same dress code as the younger dancers. While hair still needs to be pulled away from the face and feet outfitted with ballet flats, adult dancers are not required to wear leotards and tights, though some claim doing so makes them dance better!

Dancer’s Closet

Our Dancer’s Closet is a collection of gently used dance wear available on loan from the ministry for registered students. Operating under the same mission statement as the ministry itself, all equipment is leased free of charge. Please speak with Kaitlin for additional dance wear information and requests.

Class Cancellation Policy

If FWISD cancels school or after-school activities due to inclement weather, the studio will be closed as well. Cancellations will be communicated through social media, email, and BAND mobile app.

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Our Teachers

Kaitlin is a classically trained ballerina, and created this ministry as a means to share her passion and love for dance. Under the direction of Herci Marsden, she began ballet at the age of three with Rhode Island State Ballet. At the age of eight she was invited to perform The Nutcracker with The Moscow Ballet, and at eleven with The Lexington Ballet. By twelve she was a pupil of Lone Star Ballet’s director Neil Hess at Hess School of Dance; where she performed annually in Lone Star Ballet’s The Nutcracker. She had opportunity to perform in various other productions with the company and was involved in the outdoor musical drama Lone Star Rising for several summers under Neil Hess’s direction. Her freshman year of college she began pursuit of her BA Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Hawaii Manoa; but had to change plans after the progression of an injury. Since that time, God has given her a vision to see children of all ages and backgrounds find freedom and beauty in expression of worship through dance.

Ballet II+

Mary Bryan started dancing at the age of 8 here in Fort Worth and has never stopped dancing. She went to college at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. Where she received her Bachelors in Science for Elementary Education with an endorsement in dance. At Belhaven Mary was taught primarily in the Vaganova method of ballet and also received training in Martha Graham’s technique for Modern dance. Afterwards she started teaching dance for BREC, the Baton Rouge Parks and Recreation. She taught at two locations and help organize the recitals for both locations. She has instructed classes for all ages starting at 3 years old all the way to adults. She has remained current in her education of fitness through multiple certifications including Barre, Water Aerobics, hula hooping, and PIYO. She
also takes regular ballet classes to maintain safe technique practice. She looks forward to teaching at Wonderfully Made, and to share and explore classical ballet with all of the students.

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We provide ballet classes and equipment to all interested children and adults. This means that the continued success of Wonderfully Made Dance relies on the generosity and support of our community. Donations to WMD are used to maintain the studio space, as well as to provide dance wear on loan at no cost to reduce the financial burden on dancers even further.  Wonderfully Made appreciates your support and promises to put your donations to good use making the arts come alive in Fort Worth!
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